palmetto state armory psa backlash-15 yeetcannon lowers receiver ar15 yeet  1.jpg

In light of the news of Hi-Point Firearm’s new pistol naming scandal, Palmetto State Armory has announced the pre-order of their new ” YEET CANNON” marked AR15 stripped lowers.

PSA states “Palmetto State Armory’s limited-edition “Backlash-15” Yeet Cannon lower will only be available once. Only 750 of these are going to be made, so all serial numbers will be #750 and down. The “Backlash-15″ lower comes from the most advanced aerospace manufacturing technology and is one of the industry’s finest forged, MIL-SPEC lowers. This PSA lower is made using our automated manufacturing process. Our multi-million dollar engineering and manufacturing facilities allow us to produce a product of unequaled quality and value.These forged lowers are quality made, MIL-SPEC designed and use 7075-T6 Aluminum.”

To learn more about Palmetto State Armory and the new Backlash-15, Yeet Cannon stripped lowers. CLICK HERE