gun dynamics 2a crowd sourcing second amendment friendlly kickstarter for guns.png

As terribly one sided most major internet companies have become the push to be completely anti-Second Amendment has pushed anyone in the firearms industry to look for alternative sources of creating content or even trying to start-up a company. Typically, companies such as kickstarter would be utilized but due to their anti-Second Amendment policy this would be a no-go. Gun Dynamics has created a platform for pro-2A business to flourish among it’s peers with a crowd sourcing format of their own!

Gun Dynamics states “Gun Dynamics is a place where firearm focused entrepreneurs can freely launch their projects and gun enthusiasts can back and buy the latest technologies from companies large and small. Additionally, we provide established companies a place to beta launch new products prior to investing thousands of dollars into tooling.GD’s broader mission is to become the go-to resource hub for the gun community through providing a network of services and support to help the future John Browning’s develop their best ideas.”

To learn more about Gun Dynamics. CLICK HERE

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