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Strike Industries recently announced a product recall on their Glock Improved Flat triggers. Strike Industries does not specifically state what the recall on the flat triggers are for.

Strike Industries states “Due to some potential safety issues regarding the GLOCK Improved Flat Trigger, we are issuing a recall* on this item. We value every customer’s safety and quality of products, therefore, Strike Industries is offering a $70 Strike Industries’ store credit per Flat Trigger. All you have to do is fill out the form and we’ll be able to send you a shipping label to email address provided. Once we receive the recalled item from you, you will receive a $70 store credit per Flat Trigger. You can use the store credit to purchase something else from our website. We will also be coming out with a version 2 of the GLOCK Improved flat trigger, so if you wait, you can re-purchase the V2 GLOCK Improved Flat Trigger. “

To learn more about the Strike Industries Glock trigger recall. CLICK HERE

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