tinycrumb hk416 v2 morale patch hk416 D edc morale patch for your range bag  1.png

TinyCrumb has announced for pre-order the HK416 V2 morale patch and I can tell you by the time this posts to the internets it will be sold out because they are badass and everyone wants one. But, you should still know that it exsists….

TinyCrumb statesThe HK416 v2 Patch is part of a larger “U.S. Military Rifle” patch series that we’ll be releasing over the coming months. Each patch will be a limited and is made to scale relative to the other patches in our series. The tinycrumb rifle patches are not associated with any other patch maker or company. Don’t miss out!”


-A famous configuration of the short barrel HK416 used by DEVGRU. The carbine includes:

-10.4″ HK416 D
Remington Defense RAHG Handguard
EOTech Magnifier
-EOTech 551 Holographic Sight
AAC 416-SD Suppressor
-AAC Glass Breaker Suppressor Attachment
Magpul VFG
-Magpul CTR in FDE
-High quality, soft PVC vinyl patch.
-Velcro “Loop & Hook” backing
-4.13″ x 1.54″

To learn more about TinyCrumb and the new HK416 V2 Morale Patch. CLICK HERE