weapons armament research war rmr-g rmr protect cover for the rmr on a glock  1.jpg

This is actually really cool and innovative. Weapons Armament Research released a sneak peak of their new WAR RMR-G which is designed to protect the glass of the Trijicon RMR from smudging from palm charging and also provide protection against hitting other objects and potentially hitting the RMR glass or warping the body.
Weapons Armament research states “There will be two versions, one with built in iron sight (as seen) and one without for those that prefer the traditional rear iron sight location. This is the reason our new G19 afterburner will come with dual dovetails locations. Pre orders will start next week as soon as the new website is up and running. We will be milling gen 3 and 4 slides to accommodate. Gen 5 will only be available with the built in iron forward of the RMR and the rmr will delete the rear dovetail”

To learn more about Weapons Armament Research and the WAR RMR-G. CLICK HERE

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