winchester ranger one ammunition 9mm 147gr  2.png

Winchester announced their latest offering for 2019 the Ranger One line of ammunition wich will be produced for 9mm 147grain. The Winchester RANGER® ONE™ ammunition was designed to be able to penetrate barriers and still only expand upon impact into your target.

winchester ranger one ammunition 9mm 147gr  3.png
Winchester states “RANGER® ONE™ contains a proprietary rigid, fluid directing,polymer insert that is seated within the hollow-point cavity to prevent the projectile from being affected by drywall, cloth or other material which can minimize expansion and effectiveness. Upon impact, the rigid polymer insert contributes to the expansion and segmentation of the petals to ensure maximum threat-stopping energy transfer while the bonding process maintains bullet integrity and optimal penetration depth. While there are many potential threats that officers may encounter, there is only ONE cartridge that they need to confidently face them all- RANGER® ONE™”


• 147 gr Ranger Bonded Cavity Filled JHP
• 9mm Luger Nickel Plated
• Clean burning, low flash
• Non-corrosive, boxer type
• Lacquer applied to primer and waterproofing
agent applied to mouth of case
• 1,010 fps nominal muzzle velocity when fired
from a 4 inch barrel

To learn more about Winchester and the new RANGER® ONE™ ammunition. CLICK HERE

winchester ranger one ammunition 9mm 147gr 1

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