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SLR Rifleworks announced their latest offering, premium AR-15 bolt carrier groups. Currently these AR-15 premium BCG’s are offering in a black Nitride finish but soon TiN and DLC coatings will be optional.


-Carrier Assembly: The enhanced bolt carrier is designed to reduce carrier tilt/cant during recoil and increasing reliability by strategically relocating key bearing surfaces. The enhanced carrier has fewer points of contact resulting in less friction area and the slight increase in carrier mass extends dwell time and ensures proper gas pressures for reliable extraction.

-Material: Case-hardened 8620 steel (complete care is taken during the heat treat process, so as to not harm the metal)

-Finish: Black Nitride. This advanced low friction coating minimizes the need for lubricants, as well as being very resistant to wear. Most recognize Nitride as “Melonite” or “Isonite”. This is a salt bath nitrocarbonite coating, that has proven to be very good for hard use parts.

-Gas Key: 4130 Steel, attached with Grade 8 hardware, torqued and properly staked into a milled “valley” around a fully encased ejection port area, for added strength and rigidity.

-Cam Pin: Hardened 4340 cam pin.

-Firing Pin: Mil Spec firing pin made of 8740 steel, center-less ground and Hard Chrome coated.

-Bolt Assembly: The Bolt is “true” Mil Spec dimension and external surfaces are CNC ground after heat treat for a precision fit. These bolts are held to the highest possible tolerance possible. The “trumpet” area behind the gas rings, where carbon normally collects, is precision CNC Ground after heat treatment, to ensure as smooth of an area as possible, easing clean up, and longevity.

-Material: 9310 Case Hardened Steel

-Finish: All Bolt components Shot Peened & Manganese Phosphate

-Extractor: 4340 Steel, Manganese Phosphate coated

-Magnetic Particle Inspected (MPI) and High Pressure Tested (HPT)

-Mil Spec Extractor Spring & O-Ring

-Lugs are machined with the proper radius as per true mil-spec tolerances. Independent HP white proof testing exceeded over 90,000 PSI without failure.

-Outer diameter machined to all critical surfaces within +/- .0005 inches.

-Rounded cam pin rides in a fully chamfered cam path.

-Gas key with rounded leading edges insures positive functioning in all makes and grades of uppers and buffer tube combinations.

-Properly staked and torqued grade 8 hex screws as per the true mil-spec.

-Carrier body OD and ID are hard turned after heat treat to +/- .0005 inches

slr rifleworks premium ar15 bolt carrier group tin coated ar15 gold rifle bcg-slr-p-556 1
To learn more about SLR Rifleworks and their new premium AR-15 bolt carrier groups. CLICK HERE

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