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Here is another chance to get into the industry. Christensen Arms announced they are looking to fill a position at their company. Details Below

Job Title: CNC Programmer


Position Summary: We are looking for a career minded person, that has a good work ethic and the skills needed to help our team. This position will be a standard day shift position Mon-Fri. Applicant will need to use files from SolidWorks to create programs for parts and fixtures using the latest version of MasterCam for Multi-axis Horizontal and Vertical CNC Mills, and CNC Lathes. Applicant must also have a working knowledge of machining a variety of materials including Aluminum, Titanium, and Stainless Steel. Must have a good knowledge of current tooling available for machining each type of material, and know the types of coatings that are available to improve tool life and efficiency. A strong machining background is preferred, but not required. Applicant will be expected to prove their knowledge by passing a written test on G/M codes, Blueprint Reading as well as a practical test programming a current part that is being made in the shop. Both tests will be timed to show us how well the applicant can perform under time constraints.

Schedule- Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM
Wage- $22.00-$29.00 DOE

• Prepares Run Instructions, Setup Sheets and Tool Lists for parts being programmed.
• Creates run instructions for machinists.
• Reviews 3D CAD design blueprints.
• Creates Multi-axis toolpath for CNC Mills and Lathes using current MasterCam program.
• Communicates well with Engineering and other Programmers.
• Checks completed programs by running simulations or tests.
• Chooses cutting tools that will be needed, and calculates proper Feeds and Speeds.
• Analyzes operation sequence, to optimize machine time and setup.
• Writes programs using Post Processors and edits existing ones for increased efficiency.
• Understands Multi Axis machining on Horizontal and Vertical Mills using a Rotary Axis.
• Uses a standard Tool List when possible to eliminate unnecessary tool changes in the machine.
• Personally proofs out the program being made with the help of an operator to ensure the program works properly, and the parts are being made to print.
• Performs a First Article Inspection (FAI) before handing parts off to the Machine Shop.
• Complies with all safety rules and regulations.

• Good math skills, including trigonometry and physics.
• Must be mechanically inclined.
• Knowledge of metal work in a shop.
• Must be highly detail oriented.
• Must be able to work effectively with little or no supervision.
• Must have the ability to write and read complex spreadsheets.
• Knowledge and ability to read and understand blueprints.
• Knowledge of safety measures pertinent to each job assignment.

• Must have superior computer operating skills.
• Must have excellent reading comprehension skills.
• Good active listening skills.
• Must have good problem-solving skills.
• Must have excellent time management skills.
• Must have good organizational and planning skills.
• Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Skilled using current CAD/CAM software, MasterCam and SolidWorks.

• Ability to perform well under stressful situations.
• Able to create Multi-Axis tool paths for making parts using MasterCam.
• Must be able to work alone with little or no supervision.
• Must be a team oriented person that is capable of working well with others

Personal Characteristics:
• Must have a good work ethic
• Must be a self-motivated individual

• 2-5 years experience using MasterrCam for Programming
Time as a Machinist or machining background preferred

Standard Work Reference:
• 3 to 5 past work references preferred to verify work history or experience.


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