nomad 9 glock frame 3.jpg


2018 seems to be the year of the Glock after market frames, Which is badass! Everyone seems to be doing slides these days it was only a matter of time until you started seeing the frames roll into production. Nomad Defense unveiled their NOMAD 9 Glock frame.

nomad 9 glock frame 2.jpg

The Nomad 9 is a Glock 19 Gen 4 compatible frame. Some of the key features of the Nomad 9 frame a forward thumb ledge, a larger trigger guard and aggressive textured grip. The area on the frame around the magazine released has been reduced for better access and quicker magazine changes. Also the Nomad 9 features an extended beavertail. A bare frame is expected to cost MSRP of $200 the Nomad 9 frames are expected to hit market March 2018.


For further information and details. CLICK HERE

nomad 9 glock frame 1

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