I have decided to do something new when I meet someone who’s new to the CCW world. I’m going to have ” the talk” with them. Its like the birds and the bees but except for penis’ and vagina its going to be about guns and carrying.


For whatever reason No one ever mentions this, the absolute amount of shit that accumulates, the newbie paranoia, the need for a rigid belt, the holsters you will go through to find the perfect one

I can remembered when I first got my CCW License in the mail. I grabbed my favorite Glock 27 (insert 9mm supioriorty comments ) and my kydex holster and shoved it into my pants. slight right side apendex carry worked for me. I was wearing this flimsy cloth belt and well the weight of the gun and full magazine really weighed it down in my pants. I was not use to the additional weight carrying around this pistol. All I could think was how everyone is going to know I was carring and or It was going to fall out of my pants and onto the ground. For the first week. I must have tapped my pistol to make sure that it was still there and that my shirt was covering it.

After my newbie paranoia had subsided and I purchased a far more rigid belt, there are times I forget I am even carrying at all. I guess you just get use to it.


Let’s talk holsters. You think you will go buy one holster and bam! That’s it. That’s the one. I’m good to go. Not true. Depending on what you are wearing can really affect where and how you carry. Me personally I like a kydex holster that is IWB ( inside waist band) tuckable and optional to just slide into pants and clip. I went through tons of holsters and uncofortable carry to find exactly what I was looking for. However, the sliver lining to this is I know for certain what I like and if there is a situation that I would need to use a different type.


My days are pretty busy from the time I wake till I go to bed at night. This can lead to neglect to ones firearm, which I do not recommend. I couldn’t believe the amount of lint and crap that accumulates in the holster and in and around the gun itself. It looked like something your grandmother would dig out of an old box that was once your grand daddy’s. Being a Glock and known for its low tolerances and reliability. I really wasn’t to concerned with malfunctions with a little lint and grime. It just looked shitty. So I try at least once a week to give my weapon a nice little wipe down. to get all the crud and crap off. One thing I have noticed with the stipling is that it is a magnet for crap. But nothing a full strip down and an old tooth brush in the sink cant fix. ( literally 10 minute job on a Glock.)