The one thing I truly love about the firearm community is our collective power to really get shit done and concentrate to become a real voice in our wonderful country. With the current demonizing of our wonderful rights now is the time we truly stick together and let Congress know how we feel an what we stand for.

fpoerg.png on the forefront of firearm and SECOND AMENDMENT advocacy has made it extremely easy for the SECOND AMENDMENT supporter to make their voice heard. Right now we have a proposed senate bill S 446 which would allow American citizens to carry a concealed firearm across all 50 US States with their state’s CCW license. This would basically function just like your drivers license would while in other states. This will also open the door to propose an across the board laws to encompass concealed carry lawfulness regardless of states.

Here is a direct link to FIREARMSPOLICY.ORG petition. Simply go to the site and fill out the information and click the sign button. YUP!!! that easy!!! CLICK HERE