Scrolling through Insta this morning this holster caught my eye. It seems that most Kydex holster makers never really make holsters for the single stack, slim, concealed carry guns. They tend to stick to the tactical double stack guns. Typically you cant find a tight, low profile and with any type of retention, style holster for CCW firearms.


This holster fits the bill. As I living in a southern state, in the summer the last thing you want is a moisture absorbing stank holster that will rust your slide and during the summer months clothing is at a minimum, so wearing a bulky holster is a def no go. A lot of the slim CCW firearms you could just slip in your pocket but I still prefer in a holster. It’s just personal law to me.


I like that this holster is also INSIDE THE WAIST, SHIRT TUCK-ABLE. There are times I have to put on my Sunday’s best and I still want to pack heat and not print.



CHeck these guys out when you get a chance. They make CLICK HERE