Let me start off by saying that I love my KABAR/TDI colabbed HELLFIRE fixed blade knife. Even though it is a fixed blade it is small enough to EDC. Not too big and not too small, just right, With one exception, the sheath that comes with the knife originally is squarish and a bit clunky as the blade tends to jiggle a bit inside the sheath.Don’t get me wrong its still a nice sheath, but I wanted something a little more compact and with a few options of position to carry the knife. After searching the internets, I came across ARMATUS CARRY via instagram.

This sheath fit the bill. It was thinner, more contoured, and it had a tight fit. So no more rattle. I really like the indexing pressed into the top of the sheath to give a push off point for your thumb. The tension is tight. Not too tight though, It’s perfect, you can confidently carry this blade in the sheath without any worry of the knife coming out.



I payed approx $30 for this sheath and I have to say that it was well worth the price. Considering its quality it is suprising that it is NOT selling for more. A lot of thought and consideration was placed in the design. I feel like the maker plays very close attention to detail and andressed short comings of other sheath manufacturers.


I hightly reccomend ARMATUS. My next firearm holster will be purchased from them. If the architech sheath is any indication of quality I’m confident I will be happy with it.