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While surfing Armslist for possible deals you can occasionally run across the most ridiculous postings. Like carbon-15 AR’s all GUCCI-ed out with their ATI furniture and NC-STAR optics, Ebay muzzle brake and off-center gun show hand guard. The listings always say ” Custom built Ar15″ with a price tag pushing the $1k…. what a joke. This reminds me of working in a gun shop after the “Obama” gun-rush and from time to time we would have some random strutting in with his super tactical hardshell rifle case covered in “tacti-stickers” and would hype up the opening of his case. First, He would ask ” yall buy AR-15s?” which we would reply “depends..” At this point he would lock eyes with you as he slowly lifted his tacti-case onto the counter and slowly open it up… and yup! shitty ass carbon 15 covered in Ebay tacti-gucci nonsense. When you break it to him that you are not interested and or can only offer him $100 and free range time on his next visit.He would be utterly pissed and offended. I always felt bad that he was not going to get the $800 he felt that he should get for that rifle. His anger is misplaced. Whoever he purchased it from at that price is who he should be angry at.. You sir got hood winked!